Celebrate International Cat Day 2023 with These Purrfect Product Picks to Spoil Your Feline Companion

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Get Ready to Pounce, It’s the Ultimate Holiday – International Cat Day 2023 is Here! 🐾 Whether You’re New to the Feline Festivities or a Seasoned Cat Aficionado, We’ve Got the Lowdown on this Pawsitively Adorable Occasion. And That’s Not All – Brace Yourself for a Parade of Purrfection with Tested and Approved Cat Gizmos That Will Set Your Kitty’s Heart Aflutter and Your Pet Parenting Game on Point. 🎉🐱 So, whether You’re a Rookie or a Pro in the Cat-diverse, Dive into Our Handpicked Cat Day Wonders – Because Today, It’s All About Making Your Whiskered Pal Feel Like Royalty!


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                                            When is International Cat Day ?

Mark Your Calendars: International Cat Day Happens Every August 8th! And Guess What? This Year, It’s Cat Day Tuesday!


                                              What’s the Scoop on International Cat Day?

Born in 2002 from the minds at the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW), International Cat Day is a global bash dedicated to putting kitties in the spotlight. It’s all about spreading the word on how to lend a helping paw and shield these furballs.


The Cream of the Cat Crop: Tried, Tested, and Loved by Us


             1.A Cat Tree


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     Cat-tastic Must-Have: Unveiling the Ultimate Feline Playground – The Cat Tree! 🐾🌳 A Fusion of Fun and Functionality, This Purrfect       Furniture Offers Your Beloved Furballs a Play Haven and Chill Zone. Not to Mention, It’s the Ultimate Furniture Shield, Channeling Their   Claw-tastic Desires Away from Yours. Among Amazon’s Gems, the Yaheetech Cat Tree Tower Condo Reigns Supreme – Affordable, Multi-Perched, and Decked with Scratch-Worthy Rope Posts!




2. A Litter Robot

Copy From Amazon

Kitty Love, Zero Litter Woes: Say Hello to the Whisker Litter-Robot 4! 🐾🤖 Tired of the Scooping Shuffle? Embrace the Future with this Automated, Any-Size Litter box—it’s the Ultimate Waste Warrior! Just a Weekly Basin emptying, and You’re Set. And Guess What? The Whisker App Lets You Keep Tabs on Your Cat’s Powder Room Etiquette!




3. A Cat GPS

Copy From Amazon

Calling All Cat Guardians! Meet Your New Superpower: Tractive’s GPS Cat Tracker 🌍🐱 Whether Your Feline is a Nature Explorer, an Outdoor Adventurer, or a Sneaky Indoor Escapist, Worry No More! With Tractive’s GPS Magic, You’ll Always Have a Digital Eye on Your Purrfect Pal. Set-Up? A Breeze. Location Updates? Real-Time Thrills. And Get This: The Battery’s a Rockstar – Lasting a Whopping Two Weeks in Our Tests!




              4.  A Cat Harness

Copy From Amazon

Unlock Adventure Mode with Your Cat: The Harness Experiment 🌆🐾 Most Cats May Not Be Down for Walks, But Hey, Let’s Give It a Shot! From Fun Escapades to Shareable Boasts, It’s All About the Try. Worst Case? You’ll Have a Hilarious Cat-Harness Chronicles for Your Crew. And Guess What? The Best in the Biz is the Travel Cat’s True Adventure Harness. Packed with a Robust 4ft Leash, It’s a Breeze to Suit Up and Sports a Stalwart Snap Clip.




              5. An Automatic Cat Feeder

Copy From Amazon

Mealtime Marvels for the Forgetful and Foodie Felines! 🍽️🐾 If Memory’s Not Your Strong Suit or Your Cat’s Appetite is Legendary, Say Hello to Automatic Food Bowl Bliss! Leading the Pack is the WOpet SmartFeeder – A Game Changer. Schedule Six Daily Feasts, Record Sweet Messages for Your Purrfect Pal, and Revel in a Whopping 17-Cup Capacity. It’s Cat Parenting, Elevated!




             6. A Cat Backpack

Copy From Amazon

Adventures Beyond: Cracking the Code of Cat Transport 🚶🐱 While Some Brave Souls Love a Walk, Most Cats Prefer the VIP Carry Treatment. Enter the Catpack – A Stylish Solution for the On-the-Go Kitty. Unveiling the Stellar Choice: Travel Cat’s Navigator Cat Backpack. A Meow-nificent Marvel, It’s Claw-Proof, Sports Breezy Mesh, and Flaunts Kitty Windows for Window Seat Vibes, All While Nestled Securely in the Backpack Cocoon.




              7. A Cat Bed

Copy from Amazon

Pamper Perfection: The Tuft + Paw Nuzzle Cat Bed Worth Every Penny! 💤🛏️ Prepare for Feline Slumber Nirvana with this Luxurious Retreat. Crafted for Cat Cuddles, the Plush Faux-Fur Embrace Wins Hearts. The Ultraseude Base? Say Goodbye to Slippage Woes. And Size-Wise? It’s Just Right – Snug for Serene Sleep, Compact for Home Harmony. When It Comes to Treating Your Feline Royalty, Accept No Substitute!




             8. A Cat Water Fountain

copy from Amazon

Quenching Kitty Thirst in Style: Enter the Catit Water Fountain 💧🐾 Tailored for the Discerning Cat Connoisseur Who Craves the Elegance of Running Waters. Just Ask Reviewed’s Executive Editor Kate Ellsworth – Her Cats Have Declared Their Devotion. Ditching Still Bowls for Fountain Glamour, This Beauty Reigns Supreme. And Hey, It’s Not Just the Felines – Kate’s a Fan Too! A Symphony of Silence, Effortless Elegance, and Water Filtration Magic Awaits.



              9. A Cat Toy

Copy from Amazon

Whisker Wonderland: Unleash Playful Magic with a Feather Wand Delight from Chewy! 🪄🐾 It’s a Rave in Feline Fun – Earning a Stellar 4.6-Star Rating from a Thousand Cat Critics. Prepare for Purrfection as Your Furry Friend Dives into a Soft Fabric Fantasy, Chasing Crinkly Sounds with Joyful Abandon.




Your Shopping Sherpas: The Reviewed Gurus Have Your Back! 🛍️🔍 Rest Assured, Our Price Pointers Were Spot-On at Publish Time, But Keep in Mind, Things Might Shuffle with Time’s Dance.


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