G20 Presidency: Opportunities and Challenges

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India’s G20 Presidency in 2022-2023 is a defining moment in the country’s ascent as a global power. This comprehensive analysis delves into India’s role in the G20, highlighting its achievements and navigating the complex challenges it confronts.

India’s Remarkable Year:

Rising as a Global Power Explore India’s significant accomplishments in the past year, including its moon landing, population growth, and economic standing. We also delve into Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s reception in Washington, D.C., underscoring India’s global significance.

G20 as a Platform for India’s Priorities This section delves into how India strategically leverages the G20 platform to spotlight its domestic policy priorities. We provide in-depth coverage of the 2023 G20 Summit, themed as a ‘green summit,’ focusing on climate policy initiatives. Key initiatives such as the International Biofuels Alliance, ‘Mission LiFe’ promoting circular economies, and reforms for green financing are explored in detail.

Inclusivity and Collaboration:

India’s Approach We analyze India’s inclusive approach through its G20 theme, ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’ (‘One Earth, One Family, One Future’). We explain India’s balancing act in advocating for global fairness while avoiding an anti-Western image.

India as Advocate for the Global South This section discusses how India aims to represent the interests of the Global South and the platforms it has used, such as hosting the Voice of Global South Summit. We also explore India’s advocacy for full G20 membership for the African Union (AU) and the invitation of guest countries.

India’s Strategic Opportunity in the 21st Century Delving into India’s unique strategic opportunity, we discuss its fast-growing economy and the US-China rivalry. We explain how India stands to benefit as supply chains diversify away from China, particularly in critical and emerging technologies.

India’s G20 Presidency:

Early Signs of Global Governance We analyze India’s early steps in global governance through initiatives like climate policy and DPI. While promising, we explain the need for additional support for these initiatives to have a substantial impact.

Defining Success:

The Joint Communiqué and Bilateral Meetings In this section, we discuss the criteria for success in India’s G20 Presidency, including its ability to issue a joint communiqué and make progress in bilateral meetings.

India’s Time Has Come: Embracing a Proactive Role We highlight India’s shift from ‘biding time’ to an active global role under the Modi government. India’s G20 Presidency showcases its emergence as a major player but also underscores the complexities of maintaining independence in a polarized world.


India’s G20 Role In the concluding section, we emphasize the significance of India’s leadership in the G20 and its potential to shape global governance, advocate for the Global South, and contribute to the evolving global order in the 21st century.

This comprehensive analysis provides valuable insights into India’s G20 Presidency, offering a deeper understanding of its global journey and its impact on the evolving world order. Explore India’s role as it navigates opportunities and challenges on the global stage.

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