Incident at ‘Beetlejuice’ Musical: Questions Surrounding Theater Exit

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Denver, CO – A recent incident at the ‘Beetlejuice’ musical in Denver’s Buell Theater has grabbed headlines, but there are lingering questions about who was involved.

Surveillance footage from the theater’s security cameras captured a moment when two patrons in Orchestra C Row E seats 1 and 2 were asked to leave. This happened after several complaints about disruptive behavior, including vaping, loud singing, and disturbances during the performance.


The theater staff waited for the patrons to return to their seats before addressing the issue. According to the incident report, there was an attempt to explain that everyone should enjoy the show without causing problems for others.

Things got a bit heated when the patrons disagreed, claiming they were in sync with the rest of the audience. The staff warned that if the disruption continued, they would be asked to leave.

After another complaint about loud behavior and recording during the performance, the patrons were told to exit. When they refused, the staff mentioned getting the police involved, which led the patrons to leave voluntarily.



Here’s the twist: the incident report didn’t mention Congresswoman Lauren Boebert’s name, and the theater staff wouldn’t confirm her involvement. They explained that they didn’t include any names in the report since there was no police contact.

In response to all the fuss, Boebert took to social media to confirm she attended the show and confessed to “laughing and singing too loud!” She encouraged others to go see it.

Boebert’s campaign manager later clarified that she didn’t vape during the performance but did snap a photo with her phone, not realizing it wasn’t allowed.

This incident adds to Boebert’s history of making headlines, including her interruption during President Joe Biden’s 2022 State of the Union address and a controversial claim about Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar in 2021, for which she later apologized.

Overall, this incident serves as a reminder for everyone to be respectful of others when attending live performances. It’s all about enjoying the show together without causing disruptions.

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